About Us

Hand-crafted cider and mead designed for taste and quality.

At Hawk Knob we believe in quality, tradition and the power of intention. We don’t follow the norm and neither do our ciders or meads. Just like the craftsmen of old we take the time and care necessary to produce truly unique artisanal beverages that harken back to a time when quality mattered. We are dedicated to producing a locally farmed and produced beverage, from our farming practices to the selection of our ingredients the utmost care and attention is put into our process. We believe you’ll taste the difference. Enjoy the taste of tradition.

The makers

Compadres, Josh and Will started Hawk Knob hard cider and mead from their passion for high quality beverages and time honored traditions. They are proud to be West Virginia’s first cidery and to be offering dry aged meads and traditional dry ciders.

Josh and Will - About Us