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Hand-Crafted Cider & Mead GlassesCider Dinner Pairing at Hawk Knob Cidery and Meadery
November 18, 2017 @ 6 p.m.
First come first serve, limited to 30 guests

On Saturday, November 18, Hawk Knob Cider hosts a special cider pairing dinner featuring chefs and storytellers Mike Costello and Amy Dawson from Lost Creek Farm. Tickets for this unique culinary experience are $100 per guest and include six courses, each paired with one of Hawk Knob's acclaimed traditional ciders.

Via their traveling kitchen, Mike and Amy share story-rich Appalachian foods at culinary events across the eastern United States. Lost Creek Farm utilizes food as a way to tell important stories about the way people of all backgrounds have connected to the Appalachian landscape throughout time. Defined by centuries of immigration to the region, West Virginia's food traditions reflect a melting pot that often goes unnoticed, and a complexity that goes underappreciated. In highlighting foods rooted in place, tradition and story, Lost Creek's menus might include traditional Spanish longaniza sausage passed on by their neighbors in Harrison County, wild harvested ingredients, and Appalachian heirloom crops grown on their 180 acre farm.

Here's the menu!

–1st course Served before seating and during cidery tour
Rustic hand pie with Harrison County Spanish sausage || green tomato sorghum sofrito || garden chow chow paired with a fresh Active Ferment Cider as was the tradition growing up in the Allegheny Highlands, there's nothing like robbing a freshly pressed barrel of actively fermenting cider

–2nd course
Wood roasted beet and venison borscht || cultured parsnip cream || powdered chicory root || flowers from the field paired with Elderberry Infused Hard Cider

–3rd course
Salad of kilt garden greens || smoked mountain trout || charred fennel || pickled onion || burnt and broken communion wafers || creamed sour corn paired with Appalachian Classic Hard Cider

–4th course
WV buckwheat gnocchi with cushaw squash brown butter || cider brined pulled rabbit || roasted blue hubbard squash || buckwheat sprouts || toasted seeds || smoked ricotta paired with Ambrosia, specialty release hard cider

–5th course
Chicken fried goat meatloaf || preserved heirloom tomato gravy || emberred turnips and their greens paired with Barrel Heritage

–6th course
Hickory bark panna cotta || black walnut brittle || wild pear gastrique || JQ Dickinson salt paired with Tart Cherry, specialty release hard cider

Feel free to contact me, Joshua Bennett, at 334-324-5114
Or our tasting room director Jason Nerenberg, at 304-651-4413

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